The Philosophy of Philanthropy

November 18, 2021 Rhodri Davies Season 1 Episode 3
The Philosophy of Philanthropy
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In this very much feature length (!) episode we explore the philosophy of philanthropy. We take a look at some of the key philosophical questions about giving that have been tackled by great thinkers through the ages,  and ask how they can inform our thinking about philanthropy today. Including:

-Is altruism or egoism the basis of human nature? 

-What is the nature of property? 

-Why should we give? 

-Is giving a choice or a duty? 

-How does charity relate to justice? 

-What should we give to? 

-How should we give? 

-Are perpetual endowments justifiable? 

-What is the role of philanthropy in a democracy? 

-Why has Effective Altruism become so influential, and should we be concerned? 

-Do we need to wider philosophical perspectives on philanthropy? 

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